Crux Fermentation


Crux brewmaster Larry Sidor is always in pursuit of the next great beer—beer that defies taste profiles with its complexity and creativity. We’ve designed our brewery to allow for non-traditional brewing methods like decoction mashing, open fermentation, oak barrel aging, wild yeast strains and experimental hops.

Initially, we’ll only have a few thousand hectoliters of capacity. With added fermenters and bright beer tanks, we could push that to 11,000 hectoliters (or around 9,000 barrels). But we kinda like being small. It makes us nimble and free to experiment in ways that just aren’t possible with larger batch sizes.

Housed in a former transmission shop and mill supply store, Crux Fermentation Project was built by a community of beer lovers. To everyone who contributed ideas, materials, sweat and support, thank you. And cheers.

Flanders Red
Aged 8 months in Pinot barrels with Brett. Nice easy drinking Flanders style ale.
* This beer will be tapped under the tent at a specific time on Friday. 1 20L only.

Tough Love Banished Imperial Stout
Bold but nuanced, an homage of sorts to the traditional Russian Imperial Stouts. Constructed with Dark Roasted Malts, malted rye, and oak-smoked wheat, and then banish it for 9 months in Kentucky bourbon barrels. Tough Love is big but smooth with tender strokes of vanilla. 11.5%  ABV, 70 IBU

Special Presentation at The Little Woody Stage – 1:30pm, Saturday
DoubleCross Rye
Aged 10 months in a Templeton Rye barrel. Huge rye and wood notes compliment this Strong Dark Belgian Ale.
* This will be our Special Stage beer for Saturday. 1 20L only.

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